Why Count People?
People Counting Technology is a simple system that automates counting the number of people entering through an entrance or exit. People counting solutions have been on the market for over a decade with major retailers, casinos, shopping malls, building management as well as libraries using this technology to understand:
– Conversions
– Traffic Patterns
– Justify funding requests and usage
– Modify product placements/pricing
– Launch promotions
– Plan staff deployment
The USB-based Infrared Beam Sensors offer a simple cost effective way to capture the number of people entering yours through any entrance.
The transmitter unit (PTX20-1) transmits two infrared beams to the receiver unit (PRX20U1). When someone passes between the 2 units and breaks the infrared beams, the internal counter increases by one. The data is stored in the PRX20U1 at 1-10 minute intervals depending on the traffic frequency, and the data can be downloaded to a PC via the USB drive provided and connecting to the USB Port on the PC. The SensorServer software allows users to analyze the data by hour, day, week, month, and year in table or graph form. This valuable information reveals peak traffic periods to determine optimal operating hours and staffing requirements.
Directional (PC-002U): This is a dual infra-red beam sensor, the counter increments a count every time the beam is cut in a particular direction. Hence the system is direction sensitive and records the count direction

also (IN/OUT). Here you do not need to divide the total counts by 2.
All the count data is downloaded using a USB Drive and then transferring the count data to a PC for Reporting.
General Feature:

  • Dimensions – 116.4 x 68.6 x 22.3 mm
  • Material – ABS Plastic
  • Power supply – 2 x 1.5v AA approximately 120 uA
  • Battery life – Approximately 4 years –
  • Maximum counting distance: 33 feet (10 m)
  • Maximum Data Memory: >1month at 1min. interval
  • Data -USB

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