Why Count in libraries:

  • People counters enable you to measure which areas of the library are most visited
  • People counters help understand your facility utilization
  • People counters will help you determine if you need to modify the hours your library is open

Standalone Counters: 

The wireless People Counting System is a reliable, user-friendly, and affordable tool that gives any users a cost effective means to count people and record the data. The unit consists of a transmitter unit that transmits one or two infrared beams to the receiver unit. When someone passes between the 2 units and breaks the infrared beams, the internal counter increases by one.

There are two versions of the standalone counters:

1. Non-Directional – Here the sensor increments a count every time the beam is cut. To get the IN counts you would have to divide the total counts by showing an ‘IN’ and/or ‘OUT’ count depending on the type of sensor.

2. Directional – Here the sensor increments a count every time the beam is cut in both direction. The sensor not only counts in both directions but also stores the data (IN and OUT) separately. 

3. USB Based Standalone Counters: 

The standalone USB based Infra-red Beam Sensors avoids the headache of having to note down the counts from a display. Coming with an inbuilt USB port the sensor allows downloading of the count data by connecting a laptop or PC to the sensor. 

The sensor is a Directional Sensor and comes with a transmitter unit that transmits two infrared beams to the receiver unit. When someone passes between the 2 units and breaks the infrared beams, it counts in both direction and stores the IN and OUT counts separately.

The data is stored in 1-10 minute intervals depending on the traffic frequency, and the data can be downloaded directly to a PC via the USB drive provided and connecting to the USB Port on the PC.

The Sensor Server software allows users to analyze the data by hour, day, week, month, and year in table or graph form. This valuable information reveals peak traffic periods to determine optimal operating hours and staffing requirements.

We can centralize the data by automatically transferring each branch count data to a centralized reporting server.

4. Ceiling mounted Thermal Sensors with reporting: 

The IRC5706 series people counter is the latest model in our thermal array based occupant counter family, now with POE connectivity. The unit functions optically ‘seeing’ the heat emitted by people passing underneath as Infra-Red radiation, collected through a germanium lens with a 60° field of view. The sensor requires no maintenance, once installed and configured. 

All the count data is transferred to our back-end Reporting Tool.  

USB Based Beam Sensors

Standalone Infrared


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