INTRODUCING ‘GAZELLE’ – The New Professional People Counting Devices from IRISYS.

IP Enable thermal detection and video people counters
All the benefits of thermal technology in a range of devices which combine form and function, with a host of features, outstanding performance and low cost of ownership.
The GazelleTM series comprises:
Offers absolute verification capability provided by video feed, combined over a single IP channel. This added video capability provides a live, real-time image of a scene, allowing a counter to be configured locally or remotely, with a high degree of certainty and accuracy.
Gazelle IP
Gazelle IP offers exactly the same features as the Gazelle DualView device, but without the video camera.
Both the devices have a robust and secure, high-performance IP capability allowing remote configuration and data collection over IP infrastructure, either over an in-store LAN, or for worldwide access from remote locations over the internet.
Gazelle IP Node
When used in conjunction with the Gazelle DualView or Gazelle IP master devices, the Gazelle Node offers the unique WideTrackerTM, wide-opening counting capability, allowing accurate counting over an extended area.
Gazelle DualViewTM
Designed-for-purpose thermal detection people counting device with optics, sensor, signal processing, and interfacing electronics all contained within a custom housing. The counter is used in a downward looking configuration and functions by detecting the heat emitted by people passing underneath, using this information to track and count people.
The Gazelle DualView device features a video camera within the housing. The video camera is capable of viewing a ‘3 counter wide’ area on the floor, so one video equipped unit provides coverage of its own thermal view, plus the thermal view of a unit either side i.e. three thermal units in total.
The sensing area of the detector is a square on the floor, with a width approximately equal to the mounting height (e.g. when mounted at 3.5m a 60˚ unit ‘sees’ a 3.25 x 3.25m square on the floor).

Overview of Gazelle series
Low profile design, with a choice of a casing and mounting options:
Aesthetic and unobtrusive bulkhead mounting, with IP cable entries hidden from view:
-Simple removable front cover for painting or custom coloring
-User configurable area for the addition of badges or logos
-Engineering drawings available for custom cover design Fully recessed design for true in-ceiling mounting:
-Simple front plate for painting or custom coloring
-Exceptionally discreet
-Internal basic module for utility mounting situations
-60° and 40° lens options available for use over a wide range of mounting heights 60° (2.3 – 4.8m) and 40° (4.3 – 7.5m).
Secure and universal IP applications:
-Full Power over Ethernet (PoE) capability
-Single IP address for data collection and configuration
-Secure SSL IP protocol
-Push data configuration to output data from within end-user firewalls
– Full proxy server support capability
-FTP and e-mail data delivery options
-Full range of APIs for development (Java, .NET, Win32, Linux)
-Robust, flexible and powerful IP infrastructure. Gazelle series key features include:
-Built-in data log with time stamped and variable time periods
-Non-volatile setting storage
-User-definable count lines
-Web-browser set-up tool for remote configuration

-WideTrackerTM capability for up to 8 units, allowing for effective coverage of entrances up to 36m wide at maximum mounting height (with added Gazelle node)
-Built-in relays for data input and output functions (2 input, 2 output)
-Up to 16 count lines and 32 count registers for multi-directional counting and additional advanced line logic operations
-Advanced count line logic for embedded, advanced analytics
-High flexibility in mounting height from 2.3 to 7.5m.

Additional Gazelle DualView features include:

-integrated video camera
-Visual auditing and configuration for wide-opening with up to 3 linked units
-Simultaneous video and thermal target view for configuration and count accuracy determination.

Gazelle series key benefits include:

-Operation independent of ambient light
-Minimal set-up
-Full remote configuration capability
-Lowered installation costs
-Lower ongoing support costs; minimal return visit requirement and industry-leading low cost of ownership
-Highly accurate, verifiable counting performance
-Robust and accurate counting algorithms
-Advanced behavior analysis
-Flexible configuration for wide range of applications
-Seamless tracking across wide openings and spaces.

Additional Gazelle DualView benefits include:

-Simultaneous video and thermal target view for configuration and count accuracy determination
-Remote verification capability
-High-speed video download.

The Gazelle series is accompanied by a suite of modular software tools, to remotely support and maintain Gazelle devices, as single units or as part of a worldwide estate. This suite includes a:
-Secure People Counter Setup and Configuration Tool, allowing video and thermal views to be observed simultaneously
-Professional Validation Tool to support remote validation and audit of people counting performance
-Estate ManagerTM tool for users to manage an estate of Gazelle devices via a centrally located, unified framework for task scheduling, video file download and management, error and diagnostic reporting, device configuration and firmware upgrading. Will also allow management of the older 3000 series IP units.

-HarvesterTM data tool to collect people counting data from Gazelle units to a central database.
-The devices and software combine to form the Gazelle Intelligent Analytics Platform, providing an unmatched people counting solution to deliver reliable and accurate performance analytics.

Gazelle DualView & IP – Technical Specification

Gazelle DualView & IP – Technical Specification continued

Gazelle IP Node – Technical Specification